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S:AAB Articles

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The Wongs comment on S:AAB
   SciFi Channel 1998
SciFi Universe Episode Guide
   SciFi Universe 1996
Pre-Day of S:AAB
   SciFi Channel Board 2000
Review of the S:AAB pilot
   SciFi Channel Board 2000

The Promise Of Space
   StarLog SF Explorer 1995
Space: Above And Beyond
   StarLog SF Explorer #220 1995
Space: Above And Beyond
   Cinescape Yearbook 1995
Space Is Still The Place
   Sci-Fi Universe 1995
Space Wars
   SF Explorer 1995
Space Odyssey
   TV Guide 1996
Space Cadets
   TV Guide 1996
Seventh Heaven - Up, Up And Away
   Daily Telegraph March 1996
Love And War
   Cult Times #6 March 1996
Space Invaders
   Sci-Fi Universe 1996
Broken Dreams
   Dreamwatch #26 1996
Space: Above And Beyond
   Sci-Fi Universe 1997
Space: Over And Out
   Sci-Fi Universe 1997
Space: Down And Out
   StarLog 1998
Writing partners look beyond 'Space'
   Chronolog 2/1998
Final Destination

   Horror Online © May 2000

Creators/Behind The Scenes:
Chigs Unmasked
   Sci-Fi Universe 1996

Designing The Future
   Sci-Fi Universe 1996

Creating the Aliens for Space:AAB
   Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue #15 10/11 1996

Creating the props for Space:AAB
   Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue #18

Space:AAB Hardware Photo Special
   Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue #24

The Digital Magic of Space:AAB
   Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue #42
size: 28 MB PDF
Digital Dreamland
   SFX Behind The Scenes 1996

Area 51: Straight Talk on Visual SFX
   Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue #43
size: 17 MB PDF
The Digital Magic of S:AAB Modeling
   Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue #44
size: 16 MB PDF
The Digital Magic of S:AAB Surfacing
   Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue #46
size: 7 MB PDF

Rod Rowland - Hawkes:
Wild Wolf
   StarLog SF Explorer #211 1996
Taming Space's Wild Wolf
   TV Zone Special #20 1996
Flying The Nest
   Sci-Fi Universe 1996
A New Beginning
   Cinescape 1996
This Boy's Life
   Seventeen Magazine 1996
Gillian's Excellent Guy
   TV Guide online 1997
Shivers Reviews NEVER AGAIN
   Shivers Magazine #41 1997

Joel de la Fuente - Wang:
Exposition Man
   Starlog April 1996

Lanei Chapman - Damphousse:
Fighter Pilot
   StarLog SF Explorer #223 1996

Space Rookie
   StarBurst 1996

Kristen Cloke - Vansen:
   Starlog Magazine March #224 1996

Queen Of Diamonds
   Cult Times #9 1996

Secrets Of A Star Trooper
   StarBurst Special #27 1995

Kristen Cloke
   Cinefantastique Magazine

James Morrison - McQueen:
Theefing Art
   the11thhour 04/2000

The Angriest Angel?
   British Space:AaB magazine Summer 1997

McQueen's War
   StarBurst Special #29 1996

James Morrison An Officer And A Gentleman
   TV Zone Special #23 December 1996

   Dreamwatch #25

The Angry Angel
   Starlog May 1996

Morgan Weisser - West:
Go West
   Sci-Fi Universe 1996
West Is Best
   StarBurst 1996
Westward Ho!
   TV Zone Special #29/95

Tucker Smallwood - Ross:
Tucker Smallwood
   The British X-Files magazine, 04/1996, #11

Doug Hutchinson - Elroy-L:
Space To Squeeze
   Dreamwatch #26
Stretching As An Actor
   Cinefantastique Magazine

Kimberly Patton - Felicity-OH(L):
Space Siren
   Femme Fatales, 09/1996, Vol.5 # 3

German Articles:
Eine Welt aus dem Computer
   Television #6 April 1996
Rettet Space 2063
   Television #9 Juli 1996
Kristen Cloke
   Television #9 Juli 1996
Space 2063
   Universe Today 1998
James Morrison über die Kunst des Klauens
   SF-Flash 2000
Die Rückkehr von Space
   SF-Flash 2000
Flug Ins Ungewisse
   SF-Flash 2000



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