AMF (acronym, slang) Adios Mother F@#$*ers. Used 1) Endearingly towards comrades in arms and 2) Not so endearingly to the Chig on the other end of the muzzle
Airdale a Navy term for all aviation people, flyers and support personnel. It was not taken as a compliment by the airdales
ACM (acronym) Aerial Combat Manoeuvre
AU (acronym) Astronomical Unit, the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun, 93 million miles or 150 MSKs
Bang-Out (British military slang) term for ejecting from a not so good airplane
BugOut (military slang) Leave (normally in a hurry)
CFB (acronym, military slang) Clear as a Fucking Bell
Crank the chicken switch (slang) Eject from an air/space craft.
Doggie Army soldier. It is from "Dogface". I think it is from World War II.
Egghead (slang) Used as both a verb and noun to describe automation and the people that design it
FNK (acronym, military slang) Fucking New Kid: Term used by combat vets to describe someone in their first operational posting
Fur-ball (military slang) Dog fight with multiple fighters from each side
HALO High Altitude Low Opening
Honcho (military slang) Leader of a commando team
Hot (military slang) Under hostile fire.
Jarhead (slang) for US Marines
Juke (military slang) Avoid enemy fire and flak
Klicks (military acronym) short for Kilometers
Mikes (military slang) Military term for minutes.
MCF (military slang) Major Cluster Fuck : term used in the mil to describe a major screw-up. Also used to describe air force officers doing drill. And Navy officers most of the time
MSK short for Mega Statute Kilometers
Pit short for cockpit
Punch-out the term I heard for ejecting from a not so good airplane - USAF & USMC
Pusser (military slang) Ship Shape: According to Navy Regulations
Rack (military slang) A bunk on a Navy Ship
Rec Room Bar
REMF (acronym, military slang) Rear Echelon Mother Fucker
RTB (military acronym) Return To Base
Silver Bar (military slang) Lieutenant (jg) or Marine 1st Lieutenant
SitRep Situation report / on-mission report
Slop Chute Non Commisioned Officers Club
SOP (military acronym) Standard Operation Procedure
Zoomie (military slang) A pilot. Also known as: flyboy, rocket jockey or busdriver

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