2063F planet, 2064K moon & celestial body 2064R
suspected to be one and the same moon (Anvil), the sacred moon of the Chigs near their Chig homeworld. The numbers and letters indicate the security alert/atmosphere type during Operation Roundhammer and before.
Planet with two orbiting moons and an asteroid belt. Seen in Ray Butts

Achilles Region
known space consisting of a handful of planets. On of these planets Chiggy von Richthofen was planned, assembled and tested. Place where Lt. Kelly Winslow was killed and LtCol McQueen revenged her and shot down CvR in Never No More and The Angry Angel
Adhara & Aludra
Two unstable suns that make up "Blood Alley" - Mutiny
Aguila & Dorus Region
known space near UEF territory, home of the planet Eris. Used as a decoy plant in Star Dust.
Anvil (2064K/F & Y)
Biological homeworld of Chigs. Used as a nursery and considered to be sacred ground. Moon with methane atmosphere.

Comet in Sector 67 of the Kuiper Belt. Also the Icarus He3 Mining Facility in Dark Side Of The Sun.
Butterfly Nebula
Remnant of a past supernova explosion (one big star that exploded a long time ago - marks the Von Braun Line

Canis Majoris
Constellation or region (several stars)
called after the Greek god of violent death, this planet as a oxygen breathable, yet highly ionised atmosphere causing almost constant lightning. The 5-8 was sent there in Stay With The Dead to retrieve the 61st squadron.
Cerberus Black Hole
The black hole in the episode Butts. It has a tremendous gravitational pull in the area called the 'wash', which extends for a few million miles. Hammerheads need to expend a great amount of fuel to have enough thrust to escape from the black hole's pull. However, specially designed Chig fighters (the red variety) have enough pull to skip across the wash.
Sulphur/Methane atmosphere, Chig colony world.
Corvus Star System
Star system

Planet in Level Of Necessity where the Wild Cards had to go under ground in order to infiltrate and destroy a covert Chig weapons cache
Planet of strategic importance in the Pegasus Sector. It was fought over for its Sea and Air Field, which is the key to controlling the traffic in the Pegasus Sector. 22,500 humans were killed in gaining control of this field in Sugar Dirt.

Episilon Indi
Sun around which the planet Tellus orbits. Class K4 star located 11.8 light years from Earth at 22h03 right ascension and -56 declination.
planet in the Aguila & Dorus region but close enough to Chig space to plant a decoy in Stardust.

Blue giant star located in the Canis Majoris system.

Goddard Space Station
Primary space station of Earth, located in the outer orbit of Earth. Marines scheduled for deep space travel change ISSCVs there. (Pilot Episode)
Groombridge 34
Star in whose orbit the Lanstrom Forward Fire Base and the John Glenn Space Port are located.

Planet contested over in 2064, near enough to UEF space as the space station Bacchus was near enough to deploy the 58th within 8 hours in R & R .

Indi 209100
Star system

Ixion Primary Alien Shipyard. Destroyed and occupied by Earth fleet in Sugar Dirt.

John Glenn Space Port
Space "airport" located in orbit of planet of Groombridge 34
Jupiter Belt - Battle of the Belt
The name given to the fight at the end of the premiere episode, in which the 58th hold off the Chigs long enough to allow the reinforcements from the Groombridge system to arrive. It took place in the Trojan asteroid belt trailing Jupiter, which is where the name came from.

Kappa Reticuli
Star Sytem with two habitable planets.
1. Cerrus
2. Kazbek
Moon in the Cerus System in "Choice or Chance". Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere, penal colony run by AIs for the Chigs.
Technical notes: Class F5-IV star located 59 light years from Earth at 03h29 right ascension and -62 degrees declination.
Kuiper Belt
Beyond Pluto and the outer rim of the solar system an extended belt of celestial bodies and asteroids surround our solar system.

Fourth planet of the solar system where the Wild Cards were sent on their first recon mission and encountered a Chig recon vehicle. Site of death of Michael Pags Pagodin

1. Interesting Location: Hellas Plains
planet with breathable oxygen atmosphere, semi-desert vegetation. The British Cold Stream Guards received heavy losses at the Battle of Mandrake Ridge. The 58th escaped from planet using the tank destroyer Pearly.
Planet with breathable atmosphere, where the 5th Recon Marines squadron was decimated. Place of death of Nathan's borther Neil in Toy Soldier

Omicron Draconis
mining planet located in the Draconis-Korkis sector. The SS McArthur was supposed to deliver six containers of unborns to the Korkis sector, for the mining facilities there.

Procyon Region
Place of next alien attack in The Farthest Man From Home

Star system

Rho Ophiuchi

planet with limited visibility, approx. located 10 light-years from Earth. An unbreathable atmosphere, 80% sulphur dioxide, fatal when inhaled in about 30 seconds flat. Chigs suspected to experiment a lightning fear weapon on planet. The Enemy
Meant to be the second human colony, the Tellus project was attacked by the Chigs as it was preparing to land on the new world. Twenty-five of the crew were unaccounted for after the crash. Three were rescued on the planet (in the episode Farthest Man From Home) and Nathan West reported seeing others being herded into a Chig Mother Ship. Among them was Kylen Celina, Nathan's girlfriend.
Terra (Earth)
Third inner planet of the Sol system. Homeplanet of mankind.
Planet where Hawkes and Colquitt try to kill the Chig offical who was supposed to be responsible for the extinction of the Vesta colony in Who Monitors The Birds?

Ursa Majoris
Constellation or region (several stars)

First colony of mankind in chig territory
von Braun Line
named after NASA scientist Wernher von Braun, father of the rocket, this debris field marks the frontier between UEF space and Chig territory. River Of Stars

Zeta Reticuli
Binary system in which the Chigs evolved. The proximity of a nearby star allowed the Chigs to spread out amongst the stars with only basic technology, giving them a strong foothold to further develop base based industries. There are 4 habitable planets in orbit around these two stars.

Planets of Interest
1.Anvil (2064K)

Primary Alien Shipyard. Destroyed and occupied by Earth fleet in Sugar Dirt.
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