Not much is known about AeroTech. We know that they are a government organization responsible for the only two human colonies on other worlds, the ill-fated Vesta and Tellus colonies.

It is run by a Board of Directors, among which is a man named Sewell, who is becoming somewhat of a thorn in Commodore Ross' side. Diane Hayden, the current Secretary General, was also a member. The Board is apparently under the jurisdiction of the Senate. It is possible that AeroTech has had dealings with both the Chigs and the A.I.'s.

It is not known what relationship AeroTech has with the Chigs. Certainly, AeroTech possesses much knowledge about the Chigs, from their thorough examination of Chig corpses and technology.
It has been suggested that AeroTech knew of the existence of the Chigs BEFORE sending out the Vesta and Tellus colonization efforts (Diane Hayden was a member of AeroTech when these missions were launched, so it is possible she was in on this information).

Sewell Fuel
Highly complex, organic, crystaline substance. Essentially, it is a Carbon based crystal with Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and a few trace Rare Earth elements thrown in. It is the byproduct of a biological process that takes place only on certain Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere planets in the vicinity of volcanic vents.

It was nicknamed 'Sewell Fuel' by AeroTech scientists, when Howard Sewell obtained a sample from the Kazbek Penal Facility run by the Ai for the Chigs. Sewell Fuel is red in color, and glows phophorescently under its own influence. The Chigs have experimented with its use as a power supply, and even built a prototype fighter (Chiggy Von Richthofen) based on the technology.

AeroTech in conjunction with the Earth Forces developed a missile using the substance, but it was never satisfactorily tested. Apparently, experiments are being conducted by AeroTech to create power cells and weapons with this material.

Known Aerotech employees or affiliates:
Diane Hayden
Diane Hayden is the newly elected Secretary General of the United Nations. She came to power after the previous S.G. was assassinated by an InVitro. The means by which she were elected are clean enough, though the circumstances preceeding that election are not. She might have been involved in an assassination attempt against Nicholas Chaput, who was her competitor for the S.G. seat. It has also been speculated that at the time she was a member of AeroTech, AeroTech knew of the Chigs' existence and went ahead with colonization plans anyway. She remains a potent unknown to the WildCards, especially Nathan West, who confronted her about AeroTech and the Chigs.

Howard Sewell
Sewell is a member of the Board of Directors of AeroTech. He is a somewhat shady character, always appearing whenever something interesting happens aboard the Saratoga. He may be privy to information regarding the Chigs that the WildCards are not, and has been involved in at least one of the 58th's missions (to the Chig world and subsequently Kazbek). Sewell was apparently killed in an attempt to harness an ore (Sewell Fuel) obtained from Kazbek. More information on Director Sewell is unavailable at this time.

Allan E. Wayne
After Diane Hayden left Aerotech to become the Head of The United Nations, Allan E. Wayne succeeded her as director of AeroTech. He was killed during the peace talks and the Chig ambassador accused especially Wayne to have known about the Chigs and their sacred moons.

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