Space: AAB Video Tapes

PAL Format European Standard
Fox Home Video has released the premiere, check at your local video store. FAN-MADE
The 57th Crusaders Squadron offers to make sets or just a few episodes of fan-made tapes. All 24 episodes on 5 tapes. No commercials.
Please contact the Vice Honcho of the Crusaders for further info. Prices consist of price per blank tape and shipping.
NTSC Format US & Japan Standard
FAN MADE Dan "Gunner" Kim, 99th Dragonslayers - Los Angeles & Orange County S:AAB Fan Club - offers the entire run of S:AAB on three 8 hour VHS tapes. These are "fan" tapes and still have the commercials on them.
The set comes in 3 hard plastic boxes each with different covers and labels
Price: $50.00 for the whole set.
Not available in PAL format yet.

Additionally, the Australian version of the "Pilot" episode which includes extra footage, different music, "place holders" for the Special Effects shots that were still being worked on, and no commercials, is available.
It comes in a hard plastic box with cover art
Price: $25.00
Not available in PAL format

Space: AAB Video CDs & DVDs

Fox Home Network has now released the complete series on DVD.

US: $34.99 5 Disc Set (RC 1)

BestBuy $37.79 5 Disc Set (RC1)

Europe/UK: £7.39 5 Disc Set (RC 1) [Import]

Anyone familiar with Internet Relay Chat (IRC) can download the complete series as avi files on DALNET at #spaceaboveandbeyond-central.
IRC can be accessed via mIRC (free download) and for playing the avi files you need the standard WIndows Media Player® .

Please note that these avi files, once put on CD can be only viewed on a CD-ROM of your computer. Of course you can convert them to mpeg and create a VideoCD but quality gets poorer not better.

However, some European S:AABers as well as an American fan are currently working on VideoCD files and respectively DVDs. I haven't seen any samples of the DVDs but the newly encoded VideoCD files are very good. Currently The Angry Angel is in the finishing stages and all I can say is that the quality is really, really good.

via Ebay

UK DVDs - Dave at
In 1998 there was a laserdisc available from HongKong. This one is rare and can sometimes be found on ebay. Unfortunately only the two hour pilot of ever made and AFAIK only aobut 1.000 copies were done.
[Please note that this is a boot-leg, and not authorized by Fox Television]

Space: AAB Music & DVDs

Here is a collection of music used in various Space: AAB episodes
Soundtrack Space: Above And Beyond
By Shirley Walker
All suites and interludes composed by Shirley Walker are on this CD. The CD was part of the official promotional kit and is available on rare auctions on ebay and through the 99th DragonSlayers. Please contact Dan Kim for further information
Alien Invasion: Space and Beyond II
Space: Above & Beyond - Theme Title
Suite 7:32 minutes
By Shirley Walker
Various Artists - Film Score Titles
Total time: 150 mintues - 2 cd set
Silva Screen Records
Sci-Fi Channel - Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits
Vol. 1: Final Frontiers
Space: Above & Beyond - Theme Title
Suite 7:32 minutes
By Shirley Walker
Various Artists - Film Scores
TVT Records (ASIN #B00000G4T3)
Patsy Cline
*I Fall To Pieces*
*Never No More*
*I've Loved And Lost Again*
Johnny Cash
*I walk The Line*
*Ring Of Fire*
*Folsome Prison Blues*
*So Doggone Lonesome*
From Man In Black
Columbia Records
The Ramones
From Ramones Mania (Best Of The Ramones)
Ludwig Van Beethoven
*Funeral March - Marche Funébrè*
From Symphonie No. 3 Es-Dur op. 55 'Eroica'
*Hungry Wolf*
From Under The Big Black Sun
  The Blazers
*Before I Get Too Old*
*Fun and Laughter*
From East Side Soul
Rounder Records, 1166 9053 4

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